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Hokusai Great Wave

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Mono no aware of Japanese Paintings

Abstract This project was inspired by Yasunari Kawabata’s speech at the Nobel Prize for Literature, in which he spoke at…

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Japan: Reflected in Water Throughout Time

Lucy Buchanan Overview This exhibition looks at works of Japanese art that feature images reflected in water. Each piece uses…

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Opulent Interplay

By Christian Jacobsen Overview: Edo period Japan was a time of travel and trade. Land was no longer one of…

Representations of Herons in Ohara Shōson and Hashimoto Koei’s Japanese Woodblock Prints

What did herons symbolize in Japanese art? In Japanese culture, herons are valued for being birds who can move across…

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Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints of the 20th Century

By: Teddy Keenan Overview- After the collapse of the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1868, Japan opened up to the west. Western…

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Transmission and Kachō-e: Birds, Flowers, and Tradition

OVERVIEW As illustrations of both nature and spirit, kachō-e (花鳥絵) or kachō-ga (花鳥画) woodblock prints have have long been regarded…

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The Wealth of Water: Ando Hiroshige’s aquatic prints of the 19th century

Sofia Di Scipio Overview Water has been an essential means of life, transportation, and trade in Japan for centuries. The…

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Psychoanalyzing Woodblock Facial Expressions and Body Language

By: Rachel Schultze Overview There are seven universally shared emotions- fear, joy, anger, surprise, sadness, contempt, and disgust. When we…

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Hokusai, Master of the Elements

Nate PalumboDecember 20, 2021 Exhibition Overview Represented in his beautiful Ukiyo-e prints, Hokusai stands as a proven master of the…

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The Untold Story: Japan’s Influence on Impressionism

By Hannah Smith Overview: The exhibition The Untold Story: Japan’s influence on Impressionism, details how the influx of Japanese artwork…

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Why Make Woodcuts of Food?

Japanese woodcut prints were made cheaply and in large quantities. Their success depended on their popularity, which meant that they…

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Art in Japanese Mythology

Art in Japanese folklores, legends and myths.

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Birds in Japanese Prints: The Flight of Seasons and Life

Louis Benioff Overview Overall, this collection of prints have patterns of nature as a focus, and are a strong focal…

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Exploring Art in Children’s Festivals

Overview I grew up looking at a large carp banner hung high above the couch in my grandma’s living room….

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Suidō Bridge and Surugadai No. 48

Title: Suidō Bridge and Surugadai (Suidōbashi Surugadai), No 48 from the series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo Creator: Utagawa Hiroshige…

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Azaleas: Woman Washing Her Neck, from an untitled series of beauties and flowers

Creator : Utagawa Toyokuni ITitle: Woman Washing Her NeckWork Type: Woodblock PrintDate: c. 1812Material: Woodblock Print, Ink and color on paperMeasurements:…

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Fire Bird – Hi No Tori

Title: Hi No Tori (Fire Bird)Creator: Hiromitsu Nakazawa (1874-1964)Date: UnknownMedium: Woodblock PrintCulture: JapaneseRepository: None (Auctioned) Description: A wood block print…

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Monkey Reaching for The Moon

Title: Monkey Reaching for the MoonArtist: ShosonDate: c. 1910Size: 34 x 18 cmMaterial: Ink on paper, color woodcutRepository: [Black] Print…

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Egrets in Rain (Untitled)

Creator : Ohara Shoson – Japanese (naturalist style with watercolor washes) Title : Egrets in Rain (Untitled)Work Type : Color Woodblock…

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Untitled (Five White Egrets)

Artist: Shosan (Koson) 1877 – 1945Title: Untitled, five white egretsNation: JapanCreation date: 1927Medium: Ink on paper, color woodcutCollection: [Black] Print…

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53 Stations of Tokaido – Yoshida

Title: 53 Stations of TokaidoSecondary Title: YoshidaCreator: Ando HiroshigeDate: 1841 – 42Repository: Connecticut College Medium: Ink on PaperWork Type: Color…

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Cockatoo & Pomegranate Woodblock Print

Title: Cockatoo & Pomegranate Artist: ShosonDate: 1927Size: 37 x 23 cmMaterial: Ink on paperRepository: Wetmore Print Collection, Art History Dept,…