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日本、月本: Depictions of the Moon in Japanese Color Woodcuts

An exploration of moon imagery in Japanese color woodcuts.

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Monkey Reaching for The Moon

Title: Monkey Reaching for the MoonArtist: ShosonDate: c. 1910Size: 34 x 18 cmMaterial: Ink on paper, color woodcutRepository: [Black] Print…

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Dancer as Sagimusume (Spirit of Heron)

Title: Dancer as Sagimusume Artist: Kokyo (Taniguchi) Date: 1900s Culture: Meiji Era Repository: Print collection, Art History Department, Cummings Arts…

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Lost in Thought

Title: Lost in Thought (Made by the writer) Artist: Toyohara Kunichika Period: 1835-1900 Date: ND Culture : Japan  Medium: Ink…

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A Shoal of Fishes a series of 20: Slide #9

Title: A Shoal of Fishes series of 20: Slide #9Creator: HIROSHIGE, AndoDate: 1840Repository: Wetmore Print Collection, Art History Dept, Cummings…

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Title: KajikazawaCreator: Katsushika HokusaiPeriod: Late Edo PeriodDate: 1830-32Culture: JapaneseMedium: color woodcut, ink on paperDimensions: 24 x 37 cmRepository: Shain Library…