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Representations of Herons in Ohara Shōson and Hashimoto Koei’s Japanese Woodblock Prints

What did herons symbolize in Japanese art? In Japanese culture, herons are valued for being birds who can move across…

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Gender Presentation in Japanese Prints

During the Edo period in Japan, which was 1603 to 1867, it was illegal for women to act or even…

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Rock and Bamboo

Creator: Mansheng Wang Title: Rock and Bamboo Work Type: Ink and walnut ink on paper Date: 2011 Size: Unknown (approx….

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After Snow Storm

Title: After Snow Storm Artist: Mansheng Wang Date: 2011 Medium: Ink on Paper Size: Not Specified Repository: Chu Room, Shain…

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In The Wind

Title: In the WindArtist: Mansheng WangDate: 2012Repository: Chu Room in Shain Library, as you walk in in towards the center…

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Autumn Water

Artist: Wang Mansheng Date: 2006 Size estimate: 4ft 5in by 2ft 3in (excluding frame) Medium: Ink on paper Repository: Shain…

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Long Sword

Title- Long Sword Artist- GONDER Date- Unknown Repository- [Black] Print Collection, Art History Debt, Cummings Arts Center, Connecticut’s College, New…

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Young Hawk, Old Tree

Title: Young Hawk, Old TreeArtist: Mansheng Wang Date: 2011Medium: Ink on paperDimensions: Aprx. 5’x3′ Distinct Visual Characteristics: The work depicts…