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“The Origin of the Buddha Image”

According to Coomaraswamy, the original depictions of the Buddha are usually aniconic figures such as lotus flowers or a bodhi…

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Stamp Seal and Modern Impression: Unicorn and Incense Burner (?)

Creator: Unknown (People of the Harappan Civilization) Period: Mature Harappan Date: ca. 2600–1900 B.C. Geography: Indus Valley Culture: Indus Medium: Burnt…

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Woman Riding Brahman Figurine

Title: Woman Riding Two Brahman Bulls Creator: Unknown Date: 2000–1750 B.C. Period: Late Harrapan Period Location: India (Kausambi) Culture: Early…

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Pregnant Animal-Headed Female

Title: Pregnant animal headed female Creator: Unknown Date Created: 2700 BC – 2100 BC Location: Sindh, Pakistan Physical Dimensions: w40 x h94 cm Type: Statue Rights: National…

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Indus Valley Civilization Map

Title: Map of Indus Valley CivilizationCreator: Merikanto; licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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Great Bath

Title: Great BathCreator: unknown; photo by Saqib Qayyum licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0Period: Bronze AgeDate: c. 2500 BCECulture: Mohenjo Daro;…

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Pashupati Seal

Title: Pashupati (Pasupati) SealCreator: unknown; photo from Wikimedia Commons (public domain)Period: Bronze AgeDate: c. 2500-2400 BCECulture: Mohenjo Daro; Indus ValleyMedium:…

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Dancing Girl

Title: Dancing GirlCreator: unknown; photo by Gary Todd (on Wikimedia Commons; public domain)Period:Date: c. 2500 BCECulture: Mohenjo Daro; Indus ValleyMedium:…