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Chinese Imperial Southern Inspection Tours through Handscrolls

How did illustrated handscrolls act as formal documentation of events and as an expression of imperial power during China’s Qing Dynasty?

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Hitogami in Japanese Art

As I explored Asian art this semester, I became very interested in handscrolls and portraiture. My curiosity grew when our…

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Onna-e vs Otoko-e: Paintings Mirror Society During the Kamakura Period

The Heian and Kamakura Periods of Japanese history, lasting from 794 CE to 1186 CE (the Heian Period) and from…

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Mono no aware of Japanese Paintings

Abstract This project was inspired by Yasunari Kawabata’s speech at the Nobel Prize for Literature, in which he spoke at…

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Tale of a Strange Marriage

Title: Tale of a Strange Marriage Creator: Ukita Ikkei Medium: Ink and Color Culture: Japan Dimensions: 11.75in x 25.5ft  Time:…

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Tale of Strange Marriage (Konkai Zoshi)

Title:  Tale of Strange Marriage (Konkai Zoshi) Artist: Ukita Ikkei Date: ca. 1858 Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art Culture: Japanese, Edo Period (1615 –…