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Bamiyan: Buddhist Art

The Bamiyan Valley is a small town located between the mountains of the Hindu Kush in the center of Afghanistan….

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Transmission and Kachō-e: Birds, Flowers, and Tradition

OVERVIEW As illustrations of both nature and spirit, kachō-e (花鳥絵) or kachō-ga (花鳥画) woodblock prints have have long been regarded…

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Work and Rest: Living Spaces of Feudal Japan

Work and Rest: Living Spaces of Feudal Japan – Campbell Coughlin Overview Looking at the place where a person lives…

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Hokusai, Master of the Elements

Nate PalumboDecember 20, 2021 Exhibition Overview Represented in his beautiful Ukiyo-e prints, Hokusai stands as a proven master of the…

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Art in Japanese Mythology

Art in Japanese folklores, legends and myths.