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Portrayals of Plants in East Asian Art

How are plants depicted through different mediums in East Asian Art How do Asian artists explore the connection between the natural world and humanity through their work? This exhibition displays the nuanced ways plants can be intertwined with Asian Art.

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Defining Japan-ness & The Concept Of Nature Within Japanese Architecture

My goal in this project was to find the connection between nature and “Japan-ness” and how that connection is exhibited…

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Japanese Garden

Overview Over the course of time in Japanese history, there were a lot of external influences on shaping the identities…

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Masters of the Motion Picture

Storytelling has always been a foundational characteristic of human existence and expression. Throughout history, humans have told stories through writing,…

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Mono no aware of Japanese Paintings

Abstract This project was inspired by Yasunari Kawabata’s speech at the Nobel Prize for Literature, in which he spoke at…

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Japanese Zen Gardens During the Muromachi Period

The Zen gardens of the Muromachi period (1336-1573) in Japan are ones of beauty, peace, and tranquility. The creation of…

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The Kano School

Overview: The Kano school of painting was established by Kano Masanobu. This school was associated with the influential zen temples…

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Katsura Imperial Villa

Title of Work: Katsura Imperial Villa Author Name: Tomoaki UedaLicensing Information: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licenseMedium: image/jpeg Date of Creation: taken on July 10, 2006Dimensions: 1,600 x 1,200 pixelsImage…

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Nature Through Chinese Paintings and Japanese Gardens

Ismael Mora ’21 Nature transcends borders, cultures, and time making it an amazing thread to connect the exhibition as we…