Evening at Edge of Shinobazu Pond (at Veno Park, Tokyo)

Title: Evening at Edge of Shinobazu Pond (at Veno Park, Tokyo)

Artist: Shiro Kasamatsu (1898-1991)

Date: 1932

Repository: Caroline Black Print Collection

Size: 36 x 24 cm

Material/ Medium: Color woodcut

Kasamatsu’s print is a landscape view of Shinobazu Pond in Veno Park, Tokyo. Two human figures are seen walking in the park at nightfall or dusk. A winding path is visible through a tree in the foreground. The path, lit by electric lanterns, leads the viewers eyes to a staircase in the background. A Japanese building can be seen out in the distance. A blue haze covers the background making the print seem mysterious, leading the viewer to explore the smaller details.

Compared to other pieces of Japanese artwork, their respect of nature is carried through in Kasamatsu’s print. Natures beauty is exemplified through the artwork. This artwork also embodies the movement of Japan’s Westernization. The adaptation of other cultures is also a characteristic seen in many Japanese paintings.


Connecticut College Japanese Prints Collections inventory, Conncoll, & Artstor

Author: Natalie Solari

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