Nijo Castle

Title: Nijo Castle
Aoye Yuan
5 June, 2017

Nijo Castle represents the power of the shogun. It includes the perfection of Japan’s architecture, the acme of Japan’s garden art, and the prosperity of the Edo period. Nijo Castle, almost a rectangular shape, is symmetrical, whereas inside, Ninomaru Palace’s structure, like a twisted rectangle, is asymmetric and complicated; the spaces inside the building are flexible and functional. From Samurai Hall to Shiro-Shoin, the separation of space is excellent, keeping each area isolated that each room will not be disturbed. Decoration and details in Nijo City show simplicity and symmetric. The building is mainly white, grey, or wooden, and the ground is kept clean. Some components, like pathways, walls, roofs, and doors in Nijo City, are perfectly symmetrical. These specialties present the incredible culture in the Edo period.

Photos by Aoye Yuan

Author: Aoye Yuan

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