Pine Trees

Title: Pine Trees

Creator: Hasegawa Touhaku

Date Created: Azuchi-Momoyama period, 16th century

Physical Dimensions: w345.1 x h155.1 cm (Each)

Object Title: 松林図屏風

Object Date: 安土桃山時代・16世紀 Medium(Japanese): 紙本墨画

Artist Name: 長谷川等伯筆

Type: Painting

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Medium: Ink on paper

With just a singular color of ink, Tohaku creates a strong sense of depth and lighting within the painting, with mountains in the background and sharp dark pine trees in the foreground, obscured by the fog that is represented by a lack of ink and lack of focus around the edges of the trees. This way, the fog is not drawn, but represented by negative space, a lack of ink that fades into the trees and creates the visual illusion of something out of nothing, and this simple dual experience of fog and mountain/tree space is very reminiscent of wabi (“elegant simplicity”).


Author: Louis Benioff

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