Pine Trees

Title: Pine Trees

Creator: Hasegawa Touhaku

Date Created: Azuchi-Momoyama period, 16th century

Physical Dimensions: w345.1 x h155.1 cm (Each)

Repository: Tokyo National Museum

Two sets of six panels make up Hasegawa Tohaku’s, “Pine Trees.” The panels are an example of early modern ink painting. A thick mist fills the background, revealing only a few pine trees. The artist depicts the siluets of the pine trees with various black ink strokes. Tohaku was able to create a sense of depth with the use of shading. By not overcrowding the background the viewer is able to focus on the natural scenery. A movement towards greater simplicity was seen in the period, which is reflected through the form and subject matter. These paintings are unique because only trees are depicted as the subject matter. These ink paintings are a great example of minimalistic landscape.

Author: Natalie Solari

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