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Transmission and Kachō-e: Birds, Flowers, and Tradition

OVERVIEW As illustrations of both nature and spirit, kachō-e (花鳥絵) or kachō-ga (花鳥画) woodblock prints have have long been regarded…

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Untitled (Diving Bird)

Creator: Ohara KosonCulture: JapaneseTitle: Untitled (Diving Bird)Work Type: Color woodcutDate: UnknownSize: 35 x 19 cmRepository: Wetmore Print Collection, Art History…

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Creator: UnknownCulture: Beijing, ChinaTitle: StupaMaterial: Gilt copper; coral and turquoise insets; polychrome image in window; base sealed and engraved with…

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Rock and Bamboo

Creator: Mansheng Wang Title: Rock and Bamboo Work Type: Ink and walnut ink on paper Date: 2011 Size: Unknown (approx….

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Standing Woman

Creator: Utagawa ToyokuniCulture: JapaneseTitle: Geisha and kikyo flowers (Standing Woman)Work Type: Color WoodcutDate: 1830-36Repository: Wetmore Print Collection, Art History Dept,…