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“Belief in God: Why People Believe, and Why They Don’t”

Mercier, Brett, Stephanie R. Kramer, and Azim F. Shariff. “Belief in God: Why People Believe, and Why They Don’t.” Current…

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The Power of Figurines and Physicality: A Study of Buddhism Deities and how Their Figurines Came to be

Overview: Throughout almost all religions across the world, an innumerable amount of deities exist, spanning polytheistic and monotheistic institutions alike….

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Title: Manjushri Location: Undiscovered Culture: Buddhism Medium: Gilt Bronze Dimensions: Height: 23 in, Width: 14 3/4 in, Length: 10 1/2…

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Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara

Title: Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara Location: Kathmadu Valley, Nepal Culture: Indian Medium: Copper, gold leaf, semi-precious stones Dimensions: Width: 170cm, Height: 473cm,…

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The Buddhist Deity Hevajra

Title: The Buddhist Deity Hevajra Location: Tibet Culture: Tibetan Medium: Copper alloy with traces of gilding Dimensions: Height: 6 1/4…

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Protector Deity Kshetrapala

Title: Protector Deity Kshetrapala Location: Tibet, Tsang Provence Culture: Tibetan Medium: Gilded copper alloy with traces of paint. Dimensions: Height:…

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Jizo Bosatsu Standing on a Double Lotus

Title: Jizo Bosatsu Standing on a Double Lotus Location: Japan Culture: Japan (15th Century AD) Medium: Gilded Wood Dimensions: Width:…

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Spring Evening on the Kintai Bridge, Yamaguchi

Title: Spring Evening on the Kintai Bridge, Yamaguchi Artist: Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) Culture: Japanese (1947) Medium: Color Woodblock Print Dimensions:…

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“A Gift of 5 Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Objects”

KASDORF, KATHERINE E. “A GIFT OF FIVE TIBETAN BUDDHIST RITUAL OBJECTS.” The Journal of the Walters Art Museum, vol. 73, 2018,…

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A Woman Who Paints Thangkas

In Professor Ming Xue’s film, A Woman Who Paints Thangkas, there is not only an intense focus on Chinese thangkas,…

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“(Un)making Idolatry: From Mecca to Bamiyan”

Elias, Jamal J. “(Un) Making Idolatry: From Mecca to Bamiyan.” Future Anterior: Journal of Historic Preservation, History, Theory, and Criticism, vol….

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Fasting Siddhartha

Title: Fasting Siddhartha Location: Sikri, Khaibar Pakhtun, Pakistan Culture: Gandhara Medium: Schist StoneDimensions: W.21” H.33” D.10” – Measurements taken by…

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Bronze Mirror

Title: Bronze Mirror Location: Japan Period: Middle Kofun Period Date: 400/499 Culture: Yamoto Medium: Bronze Dimensions: Diameter: 12.90cm (excl. jingles)…

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Wine Vessel, Fangyi

Title: Wine Vessel, Fangyi Location: China Period: Anyang Period Date: 12th Century BC Culture: Shang Dynasty Medium: Cast Bronze Dimensions:…

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Stone Bowl

Title: Stone Bowl Location: Found at Khafajeh Period: Bronze Age Date: -2600/-2400 Culture: Mesopotamian Medium: Chlorite Dimensions: Height: 10.90-11.20cm, Exterior…