Autumn Water

Artist: Wang Mansheng

Date: 2006

Size estimate: 4ft 5in by 2ft 3in (excluding frame)

Medium: Ink on paper

Repository: Shain library, Chu Griffis art collection

Description: In this piece a rugged mountain scape is shown. Being roughly 4ft tall by 2ft wide, the viewer can feel truly immersed in the scene. The distinct features of Autumn Water are the brush strokes and fine details of the surrounding landscape. Mountain rocks are seen as splotches of ink versus clean lines to really give the effect of an untouched wilderness. Surrounding vegetation such as the trees as well as the waterfall differ from the mountain rocks as they are portrayed with crisp lines to show detail. One aspect that really stands out about this piece is the whitespace that is in between parts of the mountains and water. This contributes to the illusion of mist and clear water, the further away you stand from the piece.

Analysis: Wang Mansheng is a Chinese artist who moved to Dobbs Ferry, USA in 1996. When he made this particular piece in 2006, he had been in the US for ten years. The Hudson valley has been his most recent inspiration since relocating to America. He is known for using natural resources to make his pieces like reeds from the river to paint with and crushed walnuts as paint. Wang’s mountain scape is a traditional Chinese ink drawing which encompasses the literati technique. The sheer ruggedness of the piece emphasizes Wang’s desire to capture nature as it is, in a pristine wilderness.


Chu Griffis exhibit in Shain Library, Connecticut College

Author: Edward Keenan

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