Fasting Siddhartha

  • Title: Fasting Siddhartha
  • Physical Location: Lahore Museum, Pakistan
  • Location Created: Sikri (Gandhara Region), Khaibar Pakhtun Khuwa, Pakistan
  • Physical Dimensions: W.21” H.33” D.10”
  • Rights: Lahore Museum, Lahore, Pakistan

In 1894, a sculpture known as ‘Fasting Buddha’ was excavated by Colonel HA Dean at Sikri, Peshawar in Pakistan. The idol illustrates Siddhartha, who is also known as Gautam Buddha. The one meditated to attain his epitome of self-realization. He fasted for 49 days which destroyed his body and reduced him to looks like a skeleton. The emaciated face with swanky eyes and the shape of the neck has been chiseled with the greatest perception. The undercutting of the arms and the open spaces produce the relationship between dark and light. The caved-in stomach and skeletal body indicate Buddha has a weak appearance.


Author: Jessica Wang

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