Goddess Unharmed

Title: Goddess Unharmed 

Artist: Yang Yan-wen

Date: 1939

Medium: Hanging Scroll, Ink and Color on Rice Paper

Dimensions:  22 x 19 in.

Location: Chu Griffis Art Collection

Description: This painting shows a body of water however the water appears to be much more tranquil than other paintings with water I looked at. At the bottom of the piece you can see that the artist made intentional lines to portray the little sail boats on the water. Toward the top of the page however, he let the ink take over part of the sky. The Title “Goddess Unharmed” is very interesting to me because this scene typically is not the picture I think of when I hear the word Goddess. It makes me wonder why Yang Yan-wen named this painting “Goddess Unharmed”?

Author: Maeve Corcoran

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