Katsura Imperial Villa

Image source: KimonBerlin, Commons Wikimedia

Title: Matsura Imperial Villa
Date: Early 17th century
Location: Kyōto, Japan
Architect: Kobori Enshu
Material: Bamboo, Wooden Slats, Thatch, Stone, Clay

This picture was taken from the eastern side of the Katsura Villa facing west towards the Geppa-rō/ “House of the Moon” also known as a tea house (building on the right), the moon-viewing veranda (the frontmost portion of the left building), and the Chushoin or Middle Shoin Palace (far left building). On the left of the image, there is also a visible dai-dōrō, a traditional platform lantern that appears to be made of stone in this case. There are many tōrōs not present in this image that may be used to light up the garden paths around the water. The greenery along this site is also often used to block full-length stretches of land. The two furthest points most visible to one another are the Geppa-rō, and the Shokintei (near where this image appears to be taken from). The Shokintei is the most prestigious tea house on the site and it is very fitting for them to be in full view of the other to keep up the ceremonious appeal for their traditional uses.

Image Source – KimonBerlin

Map and Building References

Author: Christian Jacobsen

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