Nijo Castle

Title: Ninomaru palace of Nijō Castle

Author: Smallpei

Date: July 13, 2017

Description: This image showcases an entrance to the Nijo Castle referred to as the Ninomaru Palace. Visible is a big, grand building with many different colors and details along the side of it. The entrance through which you walk is very prominent, the use of gold and detail make it more attractive than the rest of the building. The building is lined with trees and the ground is simple grey gravel. The landscape is very geometric and was built around the castle. Because nature is less abundant in this place the image focuses on the aspects of the entrance of the castle. The Nijo Castle is a popular tourist location in Japan therefore we see many people exploring. the area. The castle was built in 1603, it was given such an extravagant appearance because it would house the first shogun. The use of gold symbolizes power and protection in order to be fit for a shogun the castle would have to be embellished with gold. Not all of the Nijo Castle is open to the public year-round but, the Ninomaru Palace is always available for visitors to explore.


Source: Author’s own work,

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Author: Paetan Parker

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