Title: Offering

Artist: Wang Qingsong

Medium: Archival Pigment Print

Date: 2003

Culture: Chinese

Dimensions: 120 x 230 cm (24 x 45 inches)

Repository: In the possession of the artist

This picture was one of the first cinematic designs of Qingsong. Naked actors wade through deep blue water and stretch their hands forward reaching to give various offerings including flowers and statues to the golden statue. The triangular composition of the devotees drives the viewer’s eye toward the statue in the middle. The golden statue is surrounded by a gold decoration that acts as a halo. This statue is meant to represent the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. She sits upon a lotus flower, symbolizing her enlightenment and wisdom while also being surrounded by a golden halo to signify her divinity. Qingsong stands in the background actively scrutinizing the worship of a Goddess as the land is flooded. The artist combines traditional elements of Buddhism with a surreal scene to convey ideas about the modernization of Buddhism and the idea of “fake” Buddhism.


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Author: Bella Sorrenti

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