Pheasants under Cherry and Willow Trees and Irises and Mist

Creator: Attributed to Kano Ryokei

Title: Pheasants under Cherry and Willow Trees and Irises and Mist

Work Type: pair of six-panel folding screens, paintings

Date: Edo period, first half 17th century

Location: Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, Nishihonganji

Material: Ink and color on gold leaf on paper

Measurements: Each 63 x 143 1/4 in. (160 x 363.9 cm)

This is a collection of two six-panel folding screen paintings, also referred to as byobu. The creator of the piece is believed to be Kano Ryokei, who has created other Kano-style paintings. These two paintings exhibit some of the classic features of Kano painting, such as strong brushstrokes and bright colors. The nature scene displayed is also classic for Kano-style paintings, as it includes not just two birds, but plants and water as well. There are a few distinct features of this pair of folding screens that stand out. The colors are extremely vibrant and really pop out to the viewer, especially in the patch of irises on the left panel, but also in the leaves of the Cherry trees. The intricate pattern bordering the whole panel is also a noteworthy feature. Finally, the contrast between the white of the mist and the darkness of the water is very clear. I like the way the two panels could be displayed together, but would not look out of place if displayed alone. There is enough going on in each of them to keep the viewer intrigued.


Author: Caleb Hajian

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