Phoenix Hall in Boyodo-in

Subject: Architecture
Title: Phoenix Hall Temple in Bodyo
Creation date: 998
Author: Martin Falbisoner,
Photo Taken: Nov 18 2016

Phoenix Hall is the main hall of Byodo-in temple built-in 998. The structure of the building is made of wood, with a marble staircase leading to the main entrance. Attached to the main building are two wings in the shape of L, the left corridor has a little bridge attached to get on the other side of the property. The shape of the temple together looks like a phoenix hence why it’s called the Phoenix Hall. Phoenix in many Asian cultures represents rebirth and luck. There is a man-made pond surrounding the front of the building. This is different from other buildings because usually, Japanese architects would not disturb the land and use materials already present. The building itself seems to be constructed with wood, painted the colors red and white, which is common for Buddhist temples in Japan. The style of the roof is irimoya zukuri.


Attribute: Martin Falbisoner, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons  

Author: Jasmine Li

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  1. I love art and architecture. In fact, I have many of books and magazines about these subjects, and I love watching shows about ancient architecture. This is my first time hearing about Phoenix Hall. So, I would like to thank you for featuring this article, as this is a piece of additional knowledge for me.

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