Senju Bridge, Night

Title: Senju Bridge, Night
Creator: Shoda Koho
Medium: Color woodcut
Date: Early 20th Century
Culture: Japanese
Repository: Shain library, Collection of Japanese woodcuts
Shoda koho’s color woodcut print stands out as a particularly unique piece in the Shain Library art collection. To capture the eye, bright orange from a distant village reflects across a body of water bringing the viewers attention to pedestrians traveling over a bridge. Lanterns of the same hue, light their way as they are depicted as black silhouettes against a gray haze. The softness of the night sky contrasts pleasingly with the warmth of the orange. Underneath the bridge, the structural support makes a geometric pattern which greatly deviates from the organic shapes of the village and villagers. This particular piece is roughly positioned in thirds from top to bottom. The distant village in the background marks the first distinction while the bridge in the foreground marks the second distinction, making the negative space around the background and foreground the variance of spaces. Whether the individuals on the bridge are just going home after a long day or making their way to work, this piece shows how life goes on even when the night sky replaces the daylight.
Author: Edward Keenan

1 thought on “Senju Bridge, Night

  1. My late Father in law left us a print of this woodcut. It is beautiful! I’m happy I was able to find more about the artist.
    Should I insure it?

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