Temple in the Winter

Subject: Landscape 
Digital number: Black 060
Title: Asa Kusa Temple in Winter 
Creation date: c1810
Material: Ink on paper/ color woodcut
Size: 21×23
Description: Temple in Winter
Repository: Wetmore Print Collection, Art History Department, Cummings Center, Connecticut College, New London, CT 

DVC: The print consists of around 7 colors; black, white, blue, red, yellow, brown, and teal. The print shows a temple in Japan, covered in snow with people. The sky is a grey-blue color with snowflakes falling to the ground. On the bottom there are trees, and the artist used black to outline the trees since there are no leaves during the winter. On the left side of the print, the artist used grey to show a little shadow on the trees allowing it to look more realistic. There are also human figures in the print, each figure has the same shape and is also carrying an umbrella. The umbrellas are yellow and partially covered in snow. The main focus of the print is the temple. The exterior of the temple is red, and in the winter it’s covered in snow, but it’s bright inside of the temple. The white parts of the print look yellow in person but probably due to the age, but when it’s scanned it’s more white.

Analysis: The Asa Kusa Temple in the WInter is similar to the other prints, with minimal color usage to show the landscapes of Japan. The landscape prints in the collection are shown in different seasons, representing what different parts of Japan look like in each season. The print helps emphasize the importance of religion to Japanese people because even though it is snowing people will still go to the temples to pray and pay respects. It’s a place where Japanese people would go together and the yellow light shining from the inside of the temple represents warmth and religion can bring comfort for many people. 


Connecticut College Print Collection

Author: Jasmine Li

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