A Woman Who Paints Thangkas

Professor Xue’s documentary, “A Woman Who Paints Thangkas” provides an enthralling glimpse into the life of Lutso, a female Thangka painter from Tibet. Through the documentary, we embark on a journey that begins in Lutso’s home town, where she tells the audience of her struggles as an independent artist with a newborn son. Professor Xue’s filming style offers a unique perspective into the life of Lutso and her family by capturing seemingly mundane tasks such as harvesting grain or eating a family meal. Thus, creating an intimate connection between the audience and the subject. Female Thangka artists are almost nonexistent, however this never intimidates Lutso. Determined to punch through the ranks of the art world, Lutso is finally discovered by the upper echelons of the industry who appreciate her works for how extraordinary they truly are.

Author: Henry Smyth

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