Katsura Rikyu

Medium: image/jpeg
Date: 25 November 2008
Dimensions: 3,504 x 2,336 pixels

This photo is taken from the inside of the main building in the Katsura Villa, which used to be a villa for the imperial family located in the surburd of Kyoto. The Katsura Villa is one of the most typical traditional Japanese garden. The photographer put both the building and the garden in one picture aiming to show the deep connection between these two objects. On the periphery of this image, wooden building structures including the sliding doors and the tatami become a frame for the scene in the garden. The contast between the darker frame and the brighter garden also lead our attention to focus on the scenes outside the house. On the outside, the main body of the scene is the little lake. It is a kind of barrier that space out different buildings in the Katsura Villa. It also functions as a link that bond different part of the garden such as buildings, trees and bridges as a whole picture.

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Author: Elvis Jiang

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