Building of Honmaru Palace

Building of Honmaru Palace, Nijō Castle, Kyoto as seen from Fortification

Image Label: Honmaru Palace

Image Title: Honmaru Palace in Nijo Castle

Author: DXR

Location: Kyoto, Japan

This picture taken by DXR, is of one of the buildings of Honmaru Palace in the Nijo Castle. The Nijo Castle lies in Kyoto, Japan. The building is protected by the moat and it was built as part of the expansion of the western side of the castle. The building has many similar features to other Edo period architecture such as the tiled roof and earthquake resistant structures. The Honmaru Palace was created for an imperial family and this building on both the inside and outside, gives perspective into how the imperial families of the 17th-19th centuries lived and their typical quarters, rooms, and designs.



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Author: Luke Sena

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