Old Plum

Title: Old Plum
Creator: Kano Sansetsu (Japanese, 1590–1651)
Medium: Four sliding-door panels (fusuma); ink, color, gold, and gold leaf on paper
Date: 1646
Culture: Japanese
Dimension: Overall (of all four panels): 68 3/4 x 191 1/8 in. (174.6 x 485.5 cm)

This picture has some very interesting features. The picture is split into four “frames”. In the first frame, there is a plant with bright red flowers. This is pretty much the only spot that has bright color. There also seems to be a flowing river and a small part of the tree branch. In the second frame, there is just a very distorted tree branch that has natural curves and features. There are small flowers on the branches of the tree, which is consistent in all four frames. The third frame consists of pretty much the same idea as the second, where there is an oddly shaped tree. The last frame seems to contain the base of the tree, along with some rocks to the right. The class discussions helped me to see some specific details that I may have missed otherwise.


Author: Kevin Baxter

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