Soaring among the Pinnacles

Eddie Pistorino

Title: Soaring among the Pinnacles

Artist: Chu-Griffis

Date: 2017

Repository: Chu-Griffis Art Collection, Connecticut College, New London Connecticut

Size: About 6×4 in frame-About 4×2 print

Medium: Water based

Material: Print

Description: The print is very plain colored. It is not a very bright picture as well. To me it looks like a rocky side of a mountain. The definition of the rocks are very defined as well. With long lines running down the ides of each of them makes it pop out to me. It gives it a weathered down look too. Like the rocks on this mountain have withstood years and years of different types of elements. Some parts are also slightly brighter than the other parts of the rocks as well which also stood out to me.

Display: This work was facing away from the room making it seem kind of hidden away from the rest of the works in the room. It was also right by the window which made the glare from the sun go off of the frame making it a little harder to fully see the print which impacted my viewing of the print a little. So the lighting was a little poor as well. This also makes me question if there was a reason it was placed where it was as opposed to where all the other prints were placed throughout the room. The orientation of the print ran up and down vertically in the frame in a big case. Even though the actual size of the print is not that large. Out of the six principles of Chinese painting, I think this print shows color through the coloring of the rocks, and composition as there is a contrast between the different parts and colors of the rocks that brings them together as a whole.

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Author: Eddie Pistorino

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