Kintai Bridge on Spring Evening, Yamaguchi

Title: Kintai Bridge on Spring Evening, Yamaguchi
Creator: HASUI, 1883-1957
Date: N/A
Period: ~Meiji/Taisho Periods
Location: Japan
Medium/Materials: Ink on paper transferred from woodblock cutting
Dimensions: 36cm x 24cm
Repository: Connecticut College Art History Dept.
Like many woodcut blocks, Kintai Bridge on Spring Evening, Yamaguchi’s colors are separated by a thin black line. This line helps act as a reference for where colors go, which is needed in this piece because of the individual sakura blooms. During the transferring process, the color did not or was not purposely transferred equally. This helps with the texture of the stones and makes the shader darker with a more solid color. This asks the question of whether this was caused by mistakes, through different inks, or the amount of pressure. There are two figures in this print, the man in the boat and the woman in the village. Both seem to be leaving the frame behind the bridge, this would suggest that they are going home as it is nightfall.

HASUI, Japanese. Kintai Bridge on Spring Evening, Yamaguchi. Artstor,

Author: Miranda Dowie

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