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Japan’s “Golden Age”

The Heian Period was Japan’s “Golden Age”. A period where Japan began to shift away from Chinese influence and started…

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Masters of the Motion Picture

Storytelling has always been a foundational characteristic of human existence and expression. Throughout history, humans have told stories through writing,…

Portals and Paths in Japanese Religious Architecture

Exhibit Overview The exhibition Portals and Path in Japanese Religious Architecture examines how religion, sacred places, beliefs influence architecture. This…

Man-made Nature

One of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, Japan, holds some of the most historic and cultural structures…

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Villas and Castles: Purpose Behind Architecture

By: Matt Giuttari and Zach McCrystal Overview We set out to compare and contrast different dwelling’s of Japanese Emperors. Our…

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日本、月本: Depictions of the Moon in Japanese Color Woodcuts

An exploration of moon imagery in Japanese color woodcuts.

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Stones in Japanese Gardens

Stones are essential building materials and have been widely used. Stones are static and abiotic objects; however, humans can view…

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Art in Japanese Mythology

Art in Japanese folklores, legends and myths.

Nikkō Tōshō-gū: A Realm of Peace

Paeten Parker The Nikko Tosho-gu shrine is “home” to the Japanese Tokugawa shogunate who ruled Japan for many years. Tokugawa…

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Ise Shrine

Date: 3rd or 1st century medium: thatched reed and japanese cypress Every 20 years, this building is taken down and…