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Ohara Koson Art

Ohara Koson, a Japanese painter and woodblock print designer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ohara Koson was…

Ohara Koson “Cat and Bowl of Goldfish”

A woodblock print by Ohara Koson, the print depicts a cat in a serious watching pose near a bowl of…

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Ohara Koson “Cockatoo on Pomegranate”

Painted by Ohara Koson, Cockatoo on Pomegranate is just that – a lifelike impression painted on a color woodblock print….

Schist Head of the Fasting Buddha

The schist head of the fasting buddha is a bust of sorts that depicts Siddhartha who on his way to…

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Ohara Koson “Monkey reaching for the Moon”

In this piece of art, the image depicted is of a monkey reaching into a pond hoping to grab the…

“The Origin of the Buddha Image”

Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. “The Origin of the Buddha Image.” The Art Bulletin 9, no. 4 (1927): 287-329. Accessed February 23,…

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Ritual Cong

Title: Ritual implement (cong), Date Created: approx. 3400-2200 BCE Location Created: China; Jiangsu province or Zhejiang province Physical Dimensions: H. 5.7 cm x W….