Ohara Koson “Cat and Bowl of Goldfish”

A woodblock print by Ohara Koson, the print depicts a cat in a serious watching pose near a bowl of goldfish, presumably to either reach in the bowl or just watch – fascinated by the gold and orange creatures swimming in the water. As with all of Kosons prints the imagery that he captures is the cornerstone of his artistry. The lifelike pose that the cat has in interesting and unique because although the cat looks like its about to pounce or reach into the bowl, the viewer cannot be certain and there lies in the moment that Koson does so well in capturing.

Artist: Ohara Koson

Creation Year: 1926

Dimensions/Height: 12.25 in. (34.2 cm)Width: 9.40 in. (22.13 cm)

Medium: Woodblock

Movement and Style: Showa

Period: 1920-1929

Author: Joseph Pimlott

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