After Snow Storm

Title: After Snow Storm

Artist: Mansheng Wang

Date: 2011

Medium: Ink on Paper

Size: Not Specified

Repository: Chu Room, Shain Library, Connecticut College

Description + Analysis: The main components of this painting are very clearly the eagle, the tree branch, and the plant on the lower part of the paper. This piece is placed in one of the first large cases when entering the Chu Room and is very easy to find. It is also on the cover of the catalog, so it is possible that it is one of Mansheng Wang’s most famous or popular paintings. The painting is black and white, which makes the outline of the branch and eagle very clear to the viewer. The details on the branch and eagle are also very impressive, and Mansheng Wang is able to show a clear difference in texture between the three main components. Mansheng Wang says that his art “is a response to the natural environment in which I live” which may explain why many of his pieces are nature-themed. The eagle in the painting appears to be either landing or taking off, which could be a metaphor for events in the artist’s life, considering he moved many times and did a lot of traveling.

Author: Caleb Hajian

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