In The Wind

Title: In the Wind
Artist: Mansheng Wang
Date: 2012
Repository: Chu Room in Shain Library, as you walk in in towards the center of the room
Medium/Material: ink and walnut on paper
Description/Analysis: Some of the best DVCs in In the Wind by Mansheng Wang are the contrast between the light and dark of the bamboo sticks and the illusion Mang creates of the wind actually blowing in the image, sweeping from left to right, causing the leaves to be flowing across the paper. It also sits in a vertical case at the center of the gallery and is seen as soon as you walk into the Chu Room. The lighting also plays an important role in this image because it has lighting not only in the case but also right above it. Wang also uses “lighting” so to speak in the image itself to portray depth on the bamboo that is further back in the picture. The darkest piece being in the foreground and the lightest all the way in the background. One of the six principles that I noticed in the work was that of realism. Wang uses that to his advantage here to indicate the wind blowing and giving that sense of movement to the piece. I also get the sense of vitality because bamboo is a very strong and sturdy plant which is being pushed around by the wind. There really isn’t a sense of color, just tans, blacks, and grey which to me give it a very relaxing feeling and neutral tone.

Author: Onna Gott

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