Autumn Water

Title: “Autumn Water”

Medium: Ink on paper

Date: 2006

Current Location: The Chu Griffis Art Collection, New London, Connecticut

Dimensions: About H: 4ft x W: 2ft

Description: Autumn Water by Wang Mansheng is a detailed ink on paper piece. It is a fairly large piece on a column against the back windows of the Chu-Griffis Asian Art Collection Gallery, located in New London, Connecticut. This drawing is placed on the wall at eye level, allowing the viewer to see the tiny detail up close. This piece captures a large, rugged, cliff with trails of water pouring down the stone leading to a river far below. This is created for the  viewer to feel as though they were standing on a mountain on the opposite side of the river. Oftentimes in artwork, water represents a fresh start or rebirth. It could also symbolize wisdom and power. While looking at this piece, it may take a while for the viewer to see what is being captured because the detail is so small and there is no color that pops out right away. 

Author: Maeve Corcoran

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