Wondrous Peaks at Sunset

Title: Wondrous Peaks at Sunset
Artist: Wang Mansheng
Location: New London, Connecticut
Culture: Chinese
Medium: Print
Dimensions: N/a
Repository: Chu-Griffis Asian Art Collection, Shain Library, Connecticut College, New London
Donated by Chu-Griffis Art Fund

This exquisite print of Wang Mansheng’s Wondrous Peaks at Sunset, resides in the Chu Room of Connecticut College’s Shain Library. Standing in a tall glass showcase, It is amongst over a dozen other works by the artist which makeup the exhibition: Wang Mensheng: From Silk Road to Hudson River. The image illustrates a large, multi-layered mountain with detailed peaks. Prominent colors include blue, orange, and gray, which are used to define the mountain’s appearance. The mountain is not grounded in dirt, but instead, rests atop a deep blue sea.

Wang Mansheng’s Wondrous Peaks at Sunset reflects the many principles of asian art. To begin, realism is present. The mountain is painted as one would see it, in a realistic manner. The peaks are greatly detailed and color is used throughout to define the curves and crevices of the great rock. It is important to note Mansheng’s generous use of blue. Blue indicates life and also symbolizes pricelessness because of its difficulty to come by. In the artwork, blue is used for two main reasons: to suggest the presence of water and to suggest the presence of night fall. The various layers of the mountain also create a sense of depth within the image.


Author: Nefertari Pierre-Louis

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