Lama, possibly Jangkya Rolway Dorje (1717-1786) or one of the Panchen Lamas

Title: Lama, possibly Jangkya Rolway Dorje or one of the Panchen Lamas

Date: Second half of 18th or early 19th century
Artist: Unknown
Location: Washington, D.C.
Culture: Mongolia
Medium: Gilt copper and silver, pigment, and wood
Dimensions: H x W: 50.8 x 31.8 cm (20 x 12 1/2 in)
Repository: Arthur M. Sackler Gallery


This figure of a Lama or possibly even more specifically Jangkya Rolway Dorje, is shown sitting in Lotus position where the soles of the feet are turned up. His hands are carefully positioned while the extra adornments of a lotus flower and a skull staff or khatvanga are on either side of him. The staff points to this particular lama being in his tantric aspect. While the lines and colors on the main body of this figure have faded with time, the staff and flowers are incredibly detailed and still very brightly colored and shiny. The lotus pose and the lotus flower point to this lama’s focus on purity and rebirth which could also be determined by the sweet face and nature this lama exudes.


Author: Claire Fadness

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