Gautama Buddha

Title: Gautama Buddha

Date: 14th Century

Medium: Gilded copper with pigment

Dimensions: H x W x D: 45 x 34 x 27cm

Location: Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

Description: This is a copper sculpture of Buddha. It displays all of the features and iconic characteristics of Buddha including the tied up curly hair in a bun, and long earlobes. He is sitting in the lotus position. His legs are crossed and his arms have a very set in a very specific gesture. One hand is gently touching the ground in front of him, and the other is hovering just above his lap. This position may represent his connection to the world around him. His head is up but his eyes seem to be looking down and relaxed. He has very soft features with no facial hair. The cloths he is wearing is minimal and may represent humbleness. In the sculpture he looks relax which may represent patients.
Author: Maeve Corcoran

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