Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha
Tibet, Central Tibet
Gilded copper with pigment
14th century
H x W x D: 45 x 34 x 27 cm (17 11/16 x 13 3/8 x 10 5/8 in)

This piece of art portals a Buddha sitting with crossed legs. The body is made of gilded copper. The hair atop the Buddha very distinctively sticks out, due to the bright blue coloring. The pattern of the craftsmanship of the curly hair and top piece proves the privilege of this Buddha. Noticing the gouges on the ears, the elongated ears symbolize their beliefs in spiritual enlightenment. The way the legs are crossed and the positioning of the hands are placed in a way to resemble the deep meditative state that is commonly associated with Buddhists.

Author: Kevin Baxter

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