Head of Buddha


This part of a statue is of Buddha. You can see his signature top knot, longer earlobes, clean shaven face and his third eye, the circle on his forehead. The third eye shows that he is enlightened and wise. Another thing common on many Buddhas such as this one is that his face is always calm with a slight smile showing what it is like to be enlightened. One thing that is very distinct about this statue of Buddha is the statue resembles a Roman/Greek style. This style has more hair detail, a different material than usual and a different face shape than is what is typically seen on Buddha statues.


Picture from: Andrea Miller: https://www.lionsroar.com/who-was-the-buddha-2/

Arthur M. Sackler Collection at the Smithsonian: https://asia.si.edu/object/S1989.19/

Author: Jesse Jester

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