Waterfall Series 2

Detail View:

Whole painting view:

Display view:

Title: Waterfall Series 2

Artist: Wang Mansheng

Date: 2010

Repository: The Chu-Griffis Art Collection at Connecticut College

Size: Roughly 40 cm in height and 45 cm in width.

Medium/material: Ink on Paper

Visual description:

The painting is smaller but the details and style are still stunning. It depicts a waterfall that is flowing around a rock at the top of the waterfall. The water and rock contrast not only in color but also in style, the water is light and delicately painted while the rock has harsh black lines and blots.

Analysis: The painting’s display is quite odd in comparison to that of any other painting in the exhibit. It is almost hidden behind the eagle painting and doesn’t have any lights shining directly on it. It gives off a sense that it is forgotten or humble compared to the others. When you walk into the display room you see a lot of the bigger displays and until you get closer to the painting you don’t see it due to the bigger paintings displayed.

Author: Jesse Jester

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