Misty Evening at Edge of Shinobazu Pond

Location : Veno Park, Tokyo
Culture: Japanese
Medium: Color Woodcut
Dimensions: 15 1/4” x 10 1/4

Description: Shiro Kasamatsu’s woodcut print, Misty Evening at Edge of Shinobazu Pond, was created in 1932, Japan. In this print you see a tree closest to you on the left side. The tree’s trunk and branches are the darkest object in the scene. The tree has small, green leaves, attached to thin branches drooping down toward the body of water below. The tree looks like it is being supported by two wooden poles buried in the ground underneath the water. Beyond the tree there are light posts along a sidewalk. There are trees and bushes along the pond and sidewalk. Although you would imagine there are many colors of the trees and bushes, everything seems to be blues and purples, probably due to the mist in the air. It seems to be a dreary day but that doesn’t stop the two figures in the background from taking a walk. At the top of the print you can see a tall structure poking through the trees. This building looks like an old Japanese style skyscraper. I think this work is important because it is taking place on a not perfect day. The weather isn’t your typical perfect sunny day. I find it really interesting how he made pretty much everything a different shade of the same colors (blues purples, and some greens).

Author: Maeve Corcoran

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