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Japanese Garden

Overview Over the course of time in Japanese history, there were a lot of external influences on shaping the identities…

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Embracing Mortality: Life and Death in Japanese Photography

Analyzing the cultural idealisms that lie between the philosophical understanding of life and death reveals a prevalent cultural theme: relativity….

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The Japanese Tea Ceremony

    The Japanese Tea Ceremony is a Japanese tradition that was first practiced during the Kamakura period (1192-1333). The ritual tea…

Japan’s “Golden Age”

The Heian Period was Japan’s “Golden Age”. A period where Japan began to shift away from Chinese influence and started…

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Masters of the Motion Picture

Storytelling has always been a foundational characteristic of human existence and expression. Throughout history, humans have told stories through writing,…

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The Comparison of Castles in the Momoyama Period

By Maya Bruno Introduction The Momoyama period in Japan spanned from 1573 to 1615. It was a time of significant…

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The Influential Kenzo Tange

Overview Kenzo Tange is one of Japan’s most influential and honored architects. Tange was born in Imabari, Shikoku Island, Japan…

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Azuchi-Momoyama castles: Opulence, Religion and Defense.

Introduction In 2019 I traveled to Germany and Austria and visited famous castles. I was amazed by their grandiosity which…

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Zen Gardens

By: Brenna O’Brien, Emmy Castano Overview A zen garden is a distinctive style of Japanese garden that is stylized by…

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Sesshū Tōyō: Influences of the Revolutionary Japanese Painter

Background Born in 1420 to an important Samurai family in the Bitchu Province of western Honshu, Sesshū came to be…